So just yesterday, I had a conversation with a friend about which python version to go with on a new project. I love you bud (...#NoHomo). But i think we need to agree on this and keep other people informed about why we agreed to go with python 3.

Python 3....Duh!!!

This should be a no brainer really, but given the that IDEA and a huge majority of OS comes with python 2 (2.7 specifically) by default, why go against the grain?.....well here's why. You can hate me later :P


So you got cool data from a third partyp provider and forgot to encode...oh fuck! well now you have to do messy stuff like the above. other wise

Unicode Objects must be encoded

Well, for python 3 all strings are utf-8 by default. How's that for persistence?

Community Support

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Python remains largely a community driven effort, and as of right now, only bug fixes go into python 2. New features and performance enhancements will only go into python 3. Do you really wanna be a lone wolf in this regard? yea..good luck.

PS:....lets not forget, its been 7 years since last major release for python 2.

But there future package

:| ..... Really?

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