I've been a huge fan of the apple exprience for the past 6 years now, since I got my very first macbook pro (on which I'm typing this). The experience of a device that just gets you. I've tried switching macs, but the level of personalization apple lets you make the thse devices, makes you feel like its truly yours. I don't know that I'll be migrating to another mac son to be honest. This is still plenty fast and works just as i expect it to every time I flip the clamshell......sorry i got distracted there for a bit.

Apple has a pretty good track record of designing no-brainer user experience into their devices that somehow turns the device into an extension of your fingers. I've had my iPhone 7 for a couple of months now, and if there's anything I love and use the most, it's the force touch multi-tasking.

Fast-forward, yesterday. I upgraded to iOS 11....worst upgrade decision.
I as well as other people have other gripes with this OS. But this is the one that hurts the most...sigh :(