Back in the early days of android development, just like a lot of android developers, I went through a lot of the pains that came with android development. But then I took a short break, that saw me watch the android platform develop and mature into a relatively less fragmented and stable platforms.....ANR? whats that?


Retrofit OMG, I love this library. Wanna make HTTP requests? forget the Async inner classes, injecting headers and what not and get on the retrofit train stat.

ORM? Yes

ActiveAndroid and Realm, Two android ORM libraries that have been able to prove ORMs can handle the heavy lifting and they can do it with incredible performance. So enough of the SQLlite queries flying all over the place. Honestly. Do you think that would scale? yeah, maybe you enjjoy typing a lot on your keyboard, but you really should just switch to an ORM.
For simple applications i often use ActiveAndroid when it could potentially get bigger, Realm is a good way to go.

What are your intentions?

Ahhhhh! Intents, the bedrock of android. What are you gonna do without them?....not a lot honestly. In small projects, well a few broadcast receivers are okay, In bigger projects however, goodluck traking those things down.
Enter EventBus. Broadcasting and receiving intents have never been simpler. our own image

Android Universal Image Library
There are other libaries to do what UIL does to be honest; Glide, Picasso.
But the goal is the same, handle image downloads on android gracefully, asynchronously, with cachability and other cool stuff.

...stay in the loop

This is a blog post written 27th Sept 2017. I dunno the date you're reading this. While doing my research on these tools i found a community of awesome guys at codepath maintain a wiki of these and more awesome tools, and the curret acceptance status in the dev' community. Head on there and see what they've got. Must have libraries